CRM systems implementation

CRM systems implementation

Pixelion Group offers a full cycle of CRM system implementation for Your business

CRM system will provide You full control over the business and open up great prospects for growth and scaling

80% of companies inevitably face the same problems

Managers lose customers, forget to call back, don't follow orders

The Client base is maintained on paper, in Excel, and even on the palm of your hand. It is difficult to collect, easy to lose, and impossible to find anything

No matter what brilliant sales system you developed, managers still do everything their own way

Impossible to objectively evaluate the work of managers. Understand who is really working, and who is masterfully portraying employment

Difficulties in evaluating customer sources. Which channel is profitable, which should be developed, and which should be abandoned

Need for constant monitoring. The absence of a Manager in the office leads to complete idleness of employees

Every dismissed employee takes part of the client base with him, and it is difficult to restore it due to the lack of normal records

Routine and useless work takes up to 50% of employees working time, which could be spent on clients

There is a large database of old and potential customers, but no one processes them and does not bring them to purchases or repeat sales

Solve all business problems quickly and efficiently

Reliable clients base

Telephony, mail, messengers, social networks, forms on websites - all requests will automatically appear in the CRM system, where the system will guide them to purchase and save the entire history of interactions, up to correspondence and phone records.

Unified communication interface

Whether the client calls or writes in a social network, the Manager can respond directly from the CRM system application. There is no need to constantly switch between dozens of communication channels, all of them will be available in a single interface

Automatic sales funnel

the Manager will not forget anything else. As soon as the client is in the funnel, the system will set the Manager a task and a deadline, sign the client to the mailing list, display ads, and notify about their next visit to the site

Analytics Tools

Analytics of customer sources, funnel conversions, customer reports, stuff activity. All vital signs are always at hand and managers know that their idleness will be noticed even if You are on vacation.

Business process automation

Minimum manual labor and maximum time to work with clients. Automate creating invoices, making deliveries, approving contracts, and sending notifications. Anything that does not increase profits should not take time.

Working with the client base

All contacts of existing and potential clients will be processed on a regular basis. They will receive mailings based on the specified scenarios, and will see targeted ads by segments, automatically, without manual labor.

CRM systems implementation results


Clients loses


Sales growth


Reducing operational costs


Sales manageability

Implementation cycle

System analytical approach guarantees maximum benefits from implementing the CRM system

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System approach

Canvas modeling, BPMN 2.0, RACI


Flexible and cost-effective system implementation


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